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Diverse Flavours

We focus on a mix of traditional recipes, as well as some of our very own fusion creations.

Our food can be described as mainly South Asian flavours, although we do have some of own versions of North Indian favourites.

Fruits and Vegetables
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Speciality Sri Lankan 

Sri Lankan cuisine is all about its special roasted and raw curry powders and spices, such as its native cinnamon which is amongst the worlds finest. Coconut is a major agricultural crop in Sri Lanka and  plays an important role in its cuisine. It is ground for use in sambols and mallungs (shredded veg dishes), and coconut milk is widely used for a host of creamy gravies and curries in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.​​

Our Promoters

Food lovers to the core, we are passionate about the quality, variety and taste of the food we serve!

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